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Global Studies Conference 2010

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Welcome to the website of the 3rd Global Studies Conference. The 2010 Conference will be held at Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea, 21-23 June 2010. The 2010 Global Studies Conference will address a range of critically important ideas relating to globalization in the world today, as well as focusing on a special theme - Crisis and Global Rebalancing: East Asia and 21C Globalization. Plenary speakers will include leading thinkers and practitioners, as well as paper, workshop and colloquium presentations.

We invite prospective participants to submit a presentation proposal for one of the following parallel session options: a 30-minute paper; a 60-minute workshop; a jointly presented 90-minute colloquium session; or a virtual session. Parallel sessions are loosely grouped into streams reflecting different perspectives or disciplines. Each stream forms a talking circle, an informal forum for focused discussion of issues and conference themes.

This is a Conference for any person with an interest in, and concern for, the question of globalization - including researchers, teachers and graduate students. All are encouraged to register and attend this significant and timely Conference. Accommodation options are also available.

Participants may choose to submit written papers before or after the Conference for possible publication in the peer reviewed Global Studies Journal. Virtual participants also have the option to submit papers for consideration by the Journal. All registered conference participants receive a complimentary online subscription to the Journal when registration is finalized. This subscription is valid until one year after the conference end-date. Virtual and in-person presenters may upload videos or slideshows with voice annotation to our YouTube channel.

If you would like to know more about this Conference and join our online community for discussion of the key issues it addresses, you may subscribe to the Global Studies Conference Email Newsletter or subscribe to the RSS feed of the News Blog of the this online knowledge community. You may also wish to subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter feeds.

For all inquiries, please contact the Conference Secretariat.


Global Studies Conference

The Global Studies conference is to be held annually in different locations around the world, each selected for its particular place in the dynamics of globalization. The inaugural Conference was held at the University of Illinois, Chicago in 2008 and the second Conference was held at Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2009.

The Global Studies Journal

Conference participants can submit papers to The Global Studies Journal, before the Conference and up until one month after the Conference. Papers submitted for publication will be fully refereed. The publication decision is based on the referees’ reports.

For those unable to attend the Conference in person, a virtual registration will provide participants access to the electronic version of the Journal, as well as the option to submit papers for refereeing and possible publication. For more information about the Journal please visit the Publish Your Paper page.


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